Here’s what clients and colleagues say about working with Attorney Maguire:

On the half dozen occasions I've needed Charlie Maguire's services over the past two decades, he and his office staff have been professional, efficient, effective, stress-reducing, and a pleasure to work with. Even more remarkable (and at the risk of bringing him too much business), it's also possible for his clients to get him on the phone on short notice for sage advice. He's a fine lawyer; he's also a really good guy.

-Holly, former client

I've worked with Attorney Charles Maguire for over a decade. His office has assisted many of my customers with real estate transactions, both for purchases and refinances. Attorney Maguire has conducted real estate closings for both conventional and FHA loans, as well as a variety of first-time homebuyer programs. I personally used Attorney Maguire's services when I was purchasing and refinancing my homes. Attorney Maguire brings to the table many years of real estate experience, and his knowledge of the business is immense. He is a skillful negotiator, precise in his representation, and thoroughly informed about real estate / mortgage market changes, which makes him a valuable resource for his clients. Attorney Maguire's office is always a pleasure to work with. Always accommodating to the clients' schedule, Attorney Maguire has conducted closings in remote locations and outside regular business hours. You are bound to hear a friendly voice every time you call Attorney Maguire's office: his staff is tireless and is wonderful to work with! I highly recommend Attorney Charles Maguire and his staff to anyone looking for solid and knowledgeable representation for a real estate transaction. 

-Katya, colleague and former client (Yelp)

Our 17 year old son got into moderately serious legal trouble. When we asked our personal lawyer who he would recommend us to hire, he said if it was his child, he would call Charlie Maguire. Our experience with Charlie was nothing but positive. Charlie took the time and effort to work with us and explain how the court system works since this was our first time involved in this type of matter. When we initially went to his office after a brief interview, he immediately went to work on the case. During the several months of the legal process Charlie was always available to address any concerns or answer any questions that we had. In the courtroom Charlie took charge when talking to the prosecutors about the case and was able to reach a settlement that we were pleased with. We would recommend Charlie Maguire to anyone facing legal troubles. It is nice to have someone representing you who knows the ins and outs of the legal system.  

-Dan & Janice, former clients

Charlie did the legal work for the purchase of my medical practice, Family Care Medical Center in Springfield. It wasn't like working with a lawyer: he explained what needed to be done clearly and simply, prepared all of the documents we needed and let us move ahead quickly so we could focus on taking care of our patients.

-Dr. Ira Helfand, former client 

Charlie Maguire served as Meridian Associates legal counsel for over 30 years. Meridian is a human service who provides assistance to people with mental and developmental disabilities. Meridian’s legal needs through the years required an attorney who could understand the diverse and out of the ordinary representation that surfaces working with people with emotional and physical disabilities. When we called upon him for direction our staff was always impressed with his grasp of the issue. His expertise in human services is an important part of the agency’s team that gave us the confidence delivering unique quality services. Charlie’s expertise is not limited to client care issues. His expansive knowledge of personnel, real estate and state regulatory agencies is invaluable. I have known Charlie for 23 years. In that time he has represented the agency with compassion and successful outcomes. I asked a staff member after Charlie interviewed them regarding a case, what they thought of the interview, their response was “he gets it”. That is the reason Meridian Associates retained Charlie as legal counsel for 30 years.

-Jay Sachetti, former client and and former Executive Director Meridian Associates

Charlie Maguire is the most skilled attorney in Western Massachusetts. His work is as good or better than the best litigation firms in NYC and Boston, and his attentiveness to individual cases is unsurpassed in all of the legal profession.

- Jack, former client (Yelp)

Charles Maguire handled my first house purchase several years ago, and he was excellent at explaining what we had to do each step of the way. His office is comfortable and inviting, and he made me feel like family. A few years later when it was time to sell the house remotely, he really helped us through the entire process. It's very difficult to coordinate a remote sale, but he made sure it went through without hitch. Even though I now live in California, the next time I need legal advice, my first step will be to call Mr. Maguire. He is someone I can trust and someone who knows his craft as well as anyone. 

-Matt, former client (Yelp)

​Attorney Maguire was a godsend for me when I had an employment related matter blindside me. He stepped in immediately and sorted everything out with great skill, and a very personable style. 

-Jack, former client (Avvo)

It may likely be that there are less expensive OUI attorneys than Charles Maguire, but if your situation is anything like mine, than there is nothing more important than the results your attorney can deliver you. In the courtroom, it was very obvious to me how thoroughly prepared and experienced Mr. Maguire was in these situations, and I felt that he was absolutely masterful at delivering the best possible results in my case - and I could not recommend anyone more highly. In every case, Mr. Maguire met or exceeded every expectation we could have hoped for, and routinely went above and beyond what was required of him. He also was very accommodating in working within a financial range, which was affordable for my family. Also, if your situation is anything like mine was, OUI cases are commonly very unexpected and sometimes complicated - as most of us have not made a conscious decision to commit a criminal act: but we are increasingly treated that way in the courtroom and by the authorities. At worst, I would have thought I had significant issues that often our society (at large) seems to have no answers for - and had perhaps made some poor decisions in my situation; but did not feel that my circumstances warranted the type of criminal charges being filed against me. I was also not, in all honesty, in the best possible emotional state through all of this. In a callous and dehumanizing system that would like reduce our lives to a mere number and seek to impose the harshest of penalties that affect not only our individual lives but of those around us: it became very clear to me that Mr. Maguire both took the time to listen to my story and cared about my situation - and that this passion manifested itself in the courtroom. When everything else felt so degrading, cold and often times even almost inhuman, Charlie was a much-needed confidant and advocate for me. I could not have made it through all of that without him, and that to me was as meaningful as the results that he produced. An exceptional man and attorney.

-Gary, former client (Yelp)